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Weight Loss

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Weight Loss

Changing your nutrition plan and eating behavior help you maintain a long-term, healthy weight. At NutriHealth, our medical team focuses on helping adult and pediatric patients develop a lifestyle nutrition plan high in plant-based proteins and low in processed carbs and animal fats, which can promote weight loss. The overall results help you achieve a weight that supports long-term health and positive self-esteem. Call today to set up your appointment to learn more about weight loss at NutriHealth Weight Loss, or use the online tool to book.

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How can you help me with weight loss?

The staff at NutriHealth Weight Loss believes that changing the way you eat helps you maintain a healthy weight for life. Common fad “diets” only provide short-term weight loss.

The medical team at NutriHealth Weight Loss has spent years reviewing nutrition research and consulting with specialists in the field. They offer multiple weight loss nutrition plans personalized to your unique needs.

What weight-loss plans do you offer?

The team at NutriHealth Weight Loss believes in personalized care as opposed to “one size fits all” treatment plans. Their plans include:

Healthy heart plan

A plant-based diet can reverse heart disease and work better than any heart medication. At NutriHealth Weight Loss, the staff works with your primary care doctor and cardiologist to guide you through a nutrition plan to improve your heart and overall health.

Anti-inflammatory plan

This plan focuses on decreasing the overall inflammation in your body, which contributes to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, back pain, and lupus.

Special event plan

Do you have a weight-loss goal for a special upcoming event, such as a wedding or graduation? This plan helps you reach that weight goal within your desired time frame.

Preorthopedic surgery plan

Most orthopedic surgeons won’t perform major surgeries like knee or hip replacements if you have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 35. This rapid weight loss plan helps you lose weight so you can qualify for your orthopedic surgery.

Pregnancy and post-pregnancy plan

Being obese or overweight during pregnancy or gaining weight during and after pregnancy lead to many adverse health problems for the mother and baby. This plan helps you maintain a healthy weight during your pregnancy and/or shed the weight off postpartum.

Adolescent Health Plan

At NutriHealth Weight Loss, the team believes that the entire family should practice healthy eating habits. You get an easy-to-follow eating plan to help your adolescent family member maintain a healthier weight.

At your consultation, the NutriHealth Weight Loss team can help determine the right plan for you.

Do you prescribe medications for weight loss?

The NutriHealth Weight Loss medical staff follows the latest scientific evidence to prescribe the best weight-loss medications that help suppress your appetite and decrease cravings. Some of these medications also help with diseases such as diabetes and depression.

Learn more about how NutriHealth Weight Loss can help you achieve a healthy weight. Call today or click online for an appointment.


Medications Available Through Telehealth. All Weight Loss Services are covered by insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. 

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