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You get the most out of a nutrition plan that helps you create long-term lifestyle changes. At NutriHealth, our team focuses on HOW NOT TO DIET. Instead, they give you a plan that’s easy to follow and that you can adhere to for a lifetime. Call today or use the online tool to learn more about how nutrition support at NutriHealth Weight Loss can help you lose weight.

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Nutrition Q&A

Why is nutrition important?

The food you eat directly affects your health and your weight. Every cell in your body requires high-quality nutrients to thrive so you have healthy bones, skin, muscles, hair, and organs. What you eat also impacts your energy levels and risk of chronic disease.

The team at NutriHealth Weight Loss helps you understand how to get a balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates to support your health and weight goals.

What types of nutrition changes help with weight loss?

The team at NutriHealth Weight Loss creates a nutrition plan that focuses on tasty food with rich flavors that is low in refined carbohydrates and unhealthy animal fats. The nutrition plan also emphasizes the importance of whole grains and plant-based proteins, like chickpeas, lentils, and other legumes or beans.

The team assists you in making these shifts away from foods like beef, pork, white bread, and sugar to move you toward eating more wild game, quinoa, and naturally sweet foods, including fruit.

How do I implement changes to my nutrition?

The diet recommended at NutriHealth Weight Loss may be very different from how you’re used to eating. That’s why the team guides you to make gradual changes in your eating habits to achieve sustained weight loss. You get easy-to-prepare recipes and tips to help you along the way. The practice also provides meal replacement shakes, puddings, and smoothies.

The weight loss staff considers your personal preferences, schedule, activity level, and health when making nutrition recommendations.

With time, you learn how to apply a healthier nutrition plan to everyone in your entire family, including children and adolescents.

How does focusing on nutrition help me?

Learning how to make lasting changes to the way you eat and your nutrition choices means you achieve weight loss that lasts a lifetime. When you follow a prescribed diet, chances are you’ll gain weight when you return to your normal way of eating.

Proper nutrition also supports your body’s function, immunity, and energy, and plays an important role in managing chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease.

Get the nutrition support you need during your weight-loss journey from the team at NutriHealth Weight Loss. Call today to set up an appointment or book online.


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