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Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis

Sometimes, the weight you see on a scale is not enough to determine what’s going on with your body. At NutriHealth Weight, our medical team emphasizes body composition analysis, which provides information on your percentages of fat, bone, water, and muscle. It lets you and the providers know if you’re retaining too many fluids and if you’re building muscle and losing fat. Call today to benefit from body composition analysis.

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Body Composition Analysis Q&A

What is body composition analysis?

Your body composition measures the ratio of fat to lean tissue on your body. Lean tissue is made up of muscle, organs, and connective tissue. At NutriHealth Weight Loss, the team uses a specialized scale that accurately measures your fluid levels, fat levels, and lean tissue levels. With this information, they gain a better glimpse of your overall health.

Why should I worry about my body composition?

Being at a healthy weight does not necessarily mean you weigh a certain amount. A healthy body has reduced levels of fat and optimal lean body mass. Body composition analysis helps determine if you’re skinny – yet carrying too much fat – putting you at risk of disease.

Plus, knowing your body composition helps guide your weight-loss journey. By monitoring your body composition, the team at NutriHealth Weight Loss determines that you’re losing weight in a healthy way and maintaining muscle tone.

Why is body composition analysis a superior way to measure my weight?

Your body mass index (BMI) measures your fatness based on your height and weight. BMI has inaccuracies, though. If someone has a lot of lean mass, they can register with a high BMI. You can also show a low BMI but be overfat, meaning you have a lot of fat tissue that promotes inflammation and disease even though the scale says you’re at a normal weight.

Body composition more accurately measures your fat levels and fluid levels. This helps the team at NutriHealth Weight Loss better understand how your weight-loss plan is working and what might need to change to optimize your health and weight.

What does body composition analysis involve?

The team at NutriHealth Weight Loss uses a specialized scale to understand how changes in your weight are reflected in your body.

The gradual nutrition changes prescribed by your provider may not deliver fast results on a scale, but by measuring body composition, you see shifts in your body fat levels and reductions in your body fat.

To learn more about the body composition analysis provided at NutriHealth Weight Loss, call today or use the online tool to book an appointment.


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