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Behavioral Health

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Behavioral Health

Habit change is a critical part of losing weight. The behavioral health services offered by the team at NutriHealth Weight Loss help you change your lifestyle to support long-term wellness for you and your family. Take the frustration out of weight loss.

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Behavioral Health Q&A

What is behavioral health?

Behavioral health addresses the connection between your behaviors and your general wellness and overall health. The team at NutriHealth Weight Loss can help you create new habits and implement lifestyle changes that support your goal of weight loss and maintenance.

How can behavioral health therapy help me?

The team at NutriHealth Weight Loss knows that weight gain can take a significant toll on your quality of life. Trying to lose weight can be frustrating and unsuccessful, especially when you follow fad diet after fad diet.

That’s why the NutriHealth Weight Loss team strongly believes that behavioral therapy can help. They teach you the strategies and life skills to make lifestyle changes so you can achieve sustained weight loss and long-term wellness – not just for you but for your entire family.

The latest evidence-based medicine shows that people who get behavioral health support during their weight-loss journey are much more likely to keep any weight lost off for the long term.

What is involved in behavioral therapy?

Behavioral therapy offered at NutriHealth Weight Loss includes educating you on techniques that help you cope with stressful situations, emotional eating, physical inactivity, and mental stress.

The practice offers frequent, free support groups to help you assist your wellness goals. You can also take advantage of online support groups offered through a Facebook platform. This platform is reserved only for patients of NutriHealth Weight Loss to protect your confidentiality.

Can behavioral health help my health in additional ways?

The behavioral health services at NutriHealth Weight Loss focus on nutrition, physical activity, and eating habits but can also affect other aspects of your health. Behavioral health services can help you get to the root cause of why you emotionally eat or avoid exercise. The services can also help you devise strategies to overcome perceived obstacles that keep you from living the life you desire.

Behavioral health can help you lose weight but also form better relationships with loved ones, improve your self-esteem, and act in ways that support a life you want to live.

Call NutriHealth Weight Loss today to learn more about the behavioral health services or book an appointment online.


Medications Available Through Telehealth. All Weight Loss Services are covered by insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. 

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