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These products are available in-house at each of our locations, made fresh to order for our patients.

Chocolate Pudding & Shake

Chocolate Shake

Creamy Vanilla Shake

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Vanilla Pudding and Shake

Weight Loss Success Stories

Success Stories

Blog Articles & Resources

September 19, 2023

Why You Should Keep Whole Grains on the Menu

Just because whole grains are part of the carbohydrate family doesn’t mean you should cut them out of your diet. In fact, they should make up a good portion of…
September 19, 2023

Can You Have Sugar on a Plant-Based Diet?

Diets based around plants have been around for years, but they’ve recently started to become quite popular. Find out more about this particular diet and what you can eat while…
September 19, 2023

Understanding Your Daily Protein Needs

If good health and weight loss are your goals, be sure to get the right amount of protein. Learn about how much protein you need, how often you need it,…